ETH Zurich - SEG  Student Chapter

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Field Guides

If you are interested in knowing more of our in field experiences please contact us, as a preview the latest field guide is available here.

May 2019
Mineral deposits of SW Spain
Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide (VMS) deposits of the Iberian Pyrite Belt , Rodalquilar epithermal Au deposits, Chromite pockets in the Ronda Ultramafic complex, Alconchel Cu-Fe, Almadén Hg mine and Aguablanca Magmatic Ni-Cu-(PGE) mine


June 2018

Mineral Deposits of Poland

Kupferschiefer, Pb-Zn (MVT), evaporitic salt, lignite and hard coal, gemstones

Lubin mine, Tarnowskie Góry historic silver mines, Pomorzany mine, Wieliczka salt mine, Sklary chrysoprase mine, Borynia hard coal mine, Belchatow lignite mine

Meeting with the SGA student chapter Kraków and students of the association in Wroclaw


August 2016

Ore deposits and mining in Ireland

Pb-Zn, Au, Cu and halite mineralization

Boliden Tara Pb-Zn mine, Copper Coast Geopark, Pallas Green Pb-Zn project, Cavanacaw orogenic Au deposit, Curraghinalt orogenic Au deposit, Kilroot salt deposit.


July 2014

Ore deposits of the Fennoscandian Shield

June 2013
Mining and geology in Sweden